Welcome to the free mini training created by Natalie Brite that will support you in learning practical ways you can use Instagram to sustainably grow your brand and business online. 

Within this training, Natalie guides you through concepts to support you in understanding the power of Instagram for making a ripple of impact as conscious leaders and soulcentric entrepreneurs. She shares Instagram trends, details on how the IG algorithm (reallyyyyy) works, and ways you can begin to set up your business platform on IG so to start attracting those who align with your message and could benefit from the medicine you are sharing.  

To access the training video, fill out the form below then check your email for a follow up email that will provide you with the link to the video training!  By opting into this free training, you are agreeing to receive future emails from Natalie.  Natalie does not use email to massively spam her audience, so you will not be subjected to a series of sales emails by opting in to this email.  Natalie believes in the power of building genuine and authentic relationships via the spaces she shares content online.  Your data is securely protected and will not be sold, traded, or released publicly.

For any additional questions pertaining to this training, contact Natalie directly at natalie@nataliebrite.com or visit nataliebrite.com to learn more about Natalie's work.

In peace and abundance,
Natalie Brite
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