The Wildly Aligned Light Leader 
An Alignment Activation Masterclass with Natalie Brite

Welcome to the Masterclass that meshes science and soul, bringing you a unique journey of unlearning and rewilding.  The wildly aligned Light Leader is a Masterclass that guides you through Alignment Activation 101, where you will learn what alignment is, how it influences manifestation, how to get into alignment, how vibration and energy is impacting alignment and therefore what you manifest, and how to begin living in alignment and flow NOW, so that you can step into your creator power and materialize with intention.

Within this masterclass, you will learn:
~What alignment is and why it matters
~How alignment impacts what we attract and manifest within our lives and the world
~The power of the presence when aligning and manifesting
~The concept of 'as within, so without' and how it helps one to align and manifest
~Alignment before action
~Accessing and maintaining daily alignment
~Vibrational matching
~Shifting your point of attraction to shift what you materialize

So excited to begin this journey with you!  Get ready to unleash some SERIOUS MAGIC! 

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In Peace and Abundance,
Natalie Brite

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